Xouilin Trout Farm is located in Mexico in the state of Puebla at 2,100 m. msl.

The word “Xouilin” comes from the main Mexican original language called Nahuatl.

According to the Nahuatl Dictionary, the word “Xouilin” should be pronounced in two steps, like: “Xoui-lin” and it means “fish with dots” or “spotted fish” Nahuatl Language is still used in remote small towns, like Atlimeyaya was in 1978.

Since that day a blurred vision of what could be done took form and it has been evolving slowly ever since, but always following two main objectives:

  1. While watching carefully the natural environment, take full advantage of the pure spring water volume and integrate it with technical knowledge and engineering expertise, to be able to produce a large volume of rainbow trout to the global market in excellent quality.
  2. Since Atlimeyaya had only like 600 inhabitants in 1978, mostly old people and children, help the small community, first creating job opportunities at the farm and later a full scale project for bringing regional (now even national) Tourism, which has flourished throughout the years, bringing prosperity, not only with more jobs, but with direct business opportunities to local families. Data from the last census (2010) showed over 3,000 people living in Atlimeyaya.



We exported our Rainbow Trout for seven consecutive years (1995-2002) to Landlock Seafood Co. located in Dallas Tx. We only stopped when in the aftermath of 09/11 market conditions were disastrous.

Xouilin Today:

We have just finished a sizable investing in a new hatchery building and six more raceways, our increased capacity is already showing.